Why I decided to write, and why should you care?

rome, wanderlust, travel

I’m sure this is a question that every successful blogger has asked themselves at some point in their career… why would anyone care what I have to say? will anyone even read my posts? This is something I’ve been asking myself for almost a year now. Over the past year, I’ve been following many blogs on […]

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My Hawaiian cliff jumping experience gone wrong

Every time I meet someone new, one of the first questions I usually get is “how did you get the scar on your forehead?” It’s kind of funny – you don’t hear people going around asking “have you always had that huge birthmark on your face?” or “Has your nose always been that crooked?” But I […]

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Planning a beautiful budget-friendly wedding!

Wedding party, Whonnock Lake, Maple Ridge, BC

When we got engaged we were already extremely in debt, and struggling to survive in a city we couldn’t really afford to live in. I was still in University and Devan was making decent money but we were drowning in debt. We knew our wedding wasn’t going to be over the top, however I was determined that […]

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Before Baby Bucket List

Looking out into the Adriatic Sea, Hvar, Croatia

Do you ever just get the feeling that you don’t have enough time? Not enough days in a year, not enough hours in a day, not enough seconds in a minute? I certainly do. I feel like there are so many things I want to accomplish in my lifetime, but there’s not enough time to do […]

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10 things you may or may not know about me…


1. I LOVE to travel… I didn’t take a gap year after high school which is one of my regrets in life. But now, I’m trying to make up for it by accomplishing 30 by 30. 2. In 2007, I was involved in a pretty major cliff-jumping accident in Hawaii, which you can read about […]

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