Hi! My name is Cristie and this is Out of the 306

Wife, paralegal, traveller, adventurer, lover of yoga, wine and puppies…

Canoeing at Fort Whyte

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, I grew up with an appreciation for the prairies that can only be understood by someone who is from the prairies. Now, I didn’t always feel this way. When I was 20, I packed my things and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia for school and a taste of big city living. I couldn’t wait to get out of there! Little did I know that one day I would long for the comforts of home – the people, the weather, the storms, the lakes and yes – the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Years later, I ended up back in the prairies, but this time in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

My husband Devan and I met on the dating website, eHarmony while I was living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Devan,  born in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, taught the prairie girl in me to appreciate the mountains and see the beauty and adventure right in our backyard.  We complement each other’s personalities and balance each other out, pushing each other to achieve both personally and professionally. Together we’re a team, spending our days with our dog, Duke and cat, Ryder, exploring the outdoors, taking risks, creating new experiences and dreaming about our next adventure.

I have always strived to have a good education and a stable career, which is why I spent 7 years in University right after high school. While I love my career and I’m passionate about what I do,  I want more – I want to inspire others to seek new experiences, to not let your responsibilities be your limits, and to stop making excuses for why you are restrained by your circumstances. We have been given a chance to make the best out of a beautiful life, and it’s all about how you interpret what that means to you. I want our generation and future generations to know that you can have a good career, a family and travel the world, all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about creating a balance and making the most of every opportunity and I’m learning that it doesn’t always come easy.

I hope that through sharing my experiences on Out of the 306, I can be a part of a larger community of individuals who want to encourage others to reach beyond their limits.  I want to inspire others and be inspired by another’s unique motivations. I’m constantly trying to grow and learn and  be present in everything I do, and I’m excited about exploring my creative side and networking with other people who feel the same.

Join Devan and I as we explore this beautiful world and our inner-selves by travelling, learning, growing and being a tourist in each city that we live in. Staying true to my roots will always be important to me, but I’ve learned that if we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots and not feet, and I certainly have feet.