Why we should embrace change – letting go of fighting the old and focusing on building the new

Harvest time brings lots of change

The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new – Socrates

For many of us, change if scary. Often it means taking a step into the unknown, unaware of what trials and tribulations are waiting on the other side. We fight change with every bone in our body because it’s not what we are used to, and what we are used to seems perfectly fine. Even though there may be something better out there, it’s not worth taking the risk of venturing into the unknown because what we know is good, and why would we ever want to change a good thing.

The sun peeking through the trees on a crisp fall day

The reality of it is that many of us spend our entire life so afraid of change that we miss out on experiences that are right in front of us. Think about it. You take a certain route to work in the mornings and miss out on meeting your soul mate because you refuse to walk down 6th street. You go to Starbucks every day because you can’t live without your extra hot, skinny vanilla latte and miss out on running into an old friend who you haven’t seen in 10 years in a local coffee shop. You go to Mexico every year because in your mind it’s cheaper than any other sunny vacation and you like the one beach bar that you sit at year after year, and instead you miss out on exploring what so many other beautiful countries in this world have to offer.  Now, I understand we all love a little bit of routine and these routines help us to live a well-balance structured life, but that doesn’t mean we can’t switch things up every once in a while and try something out of our comfort zone.

Exploring beyond your comfort zone is always a good idea

Change is all around us. It’s in the places we go, the people we meet, the seasons that come upon us and most notably the choices we make. When I was 19, I packed my bags and moved to Vancouver, BC on my own for school and to pursue new experiences. Was I terrified to be leaving my friends and family, moving to a new city that I had never even visited to start a new chapter in my life? Absolutely! Do I regret it? Not for one second. Because of the choice I made I met my amazing husband and made some wonderful life-long friends. Not to mention that experience made it easier for me to make more changes in my life, taught me to always embrace what’s on the other side, and to constantly seek new experiences.

Taking in the sunset as the summer turns into fall

So what can we do to embrace change?

Start with baby steps and get out of your comfort zone. Order a caramel macchiato at Starbucks next time, take 6th street to work and always travel to new destinations that you have never seen before. You’ll likely find that the more you make small changes in your life, the more comfortable you will feel about the bigger changes. Try going to a class at that new yoga studio down the street, quit that job that’s making you feel unmotivated and discouraged or move to an entirely new city where you are forced to make new friends.

Summer Harvest on the farm

With fall on the horizon, it’s a good time to remind ourselves of the changes we have made throughout the year and to focus our intentions on building the new. Just as a farmer embraces the changing seasons, we must learn to embrace the changes in our own lives. To realize our goals and contemplate the changes we need to make in order to fulfill those dreams. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf once said; If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough, so join the club in being absolutely terrified and make that change you’ve been thinking about making.

Embracing change as summer turns into fall

What are some ways that you’ve embraced change in your life? Comment below!!!


Why we should embrace change - letting go of fighting the old and focusing on building the new

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