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When you share a close friendship with someone who lives half way across the country, it can be hard to accomplish everything you’d like to in a limited amount of time. Visits are taken up by catching up on the last days, weeks and months since you’ve seen each other and reminiscing about your favourite moments together. Sometimes you get so caught up in being in each other’s presence that you spend those visits doing absolutely nothing but chatting and then find yourself looking back and wishing you could have experienced something amazing with that special person. Even if you live in the same city as your best friend, it can be easy to take the moments you spend together for granted.

Well for my girlfriends and I, we like to make lists ahead of time brainstorming all the different activities we can do, so that when we do see each other, we can pick from an assortment of activities that bring us closer together. Whether you’re travelling to a new place, honing in on a new talent or learning a new a skill, these things are often made better by the people you are surrounded with.  

With the input from a few friends, I’ve created the best friends bucket list – 50 ideas to consider when creating your own best friends bucket list. Some of these things I’ve done and others are ideas I’d accomplish in my lifetime that would be that much better with my best friends by my side.  Best friends looking into the valley 1. Bury a time capsule. Nothing says making memories like assembling some of your favourite memories together and burying them in a secret spot to be retrieved at a later date. When I was in grade 9, our teachers asked us to write letters to our grade 12 self which we would open upon graduation. As we wrote these letters, I was sitting next to a girl I barely knew, and we were picturing what our futures might look like. That girl sitting next to me turned out to be one of my very best friends and we always laugh about all of surprises that we read when we opened those letters 4 years later. 

2. Take a trip overseas. This ones a no brainer. There is no better travel companion than a best friend.  Best friends in the streets of Bangkok 3. Take an archery class.

4. Learn a new language.

5. Trash the dress photos. You could do it with grad dresses or wait until you’re all married to do it with your wedding dresses. The photos would be something you could always look back on and laugh at.

6. Take a cooking class. Especially one in another country like the one we did in Thailand. You can check out my post about that here.Best friends taking a cooking class 7. Go to the gun range and learn to shoot guns.

8. Get a matching tattoo. Be careful with this one. Don’t just do a walk-in to a tattoo parlour with a Google search of inspirational words. You’ll want to ensure you put some thought into your choice of tattoo so you don’t end up regretting it later in life…

9. Take a pottery class.

10. Make a photo book of your memories together. Best friends in matching hats 11. Sisterhood of the travelling _________. You remember the movie? Well, make your own keepsake to pass around through life’s adventures. You could do an article of clothing, a journal, a  piece of jewelry… The options are endless!

12. Bungee jump

13. Sky dive

14. Take a road trip. One of my favourite memories is still the time Chantelle and I packed ourselves into my little car for a road trip down the west coast. You can check out my post about our road trip here. Best friends' road trip to California 15. Go kayaking.

16. Go on  a Canoe trip.

17. Weekly family dinners with your best friends’ family.

18. Take a girls Vegas trip. Stagettes make a particularly good excuse for one of these!Best friends in Vegas 19. Do a DIY project, or even just some sort of craft. Dream catchers make a wonderful keepsake. 

20. See a drive in movie.

21. Weekly Sunday brunches.

Drinking coffee on the patio

22. Take a dance class. Salsa, tap, ballet, hip hop. Whatever tickles your fancy!

23. Go paddle boarding. 

24. Go on a camping trip.

25. Go on a hiking adventure. Hiking the Chief 26. Do a fun 5km or 10km run together. Or if you’re ambitious, a half marathon!

27. Create a huge slip and slide in your backyard and cover it in balloons. Then see how much fun you can have trying to pop the balloons!

28. Go paintballing.

29. Go wine tasting. Wine tasting 30. Pack your bags and move half way across the country together. When I was 20, one of my best friends and I packed everything we owned into my car and moved to Kelowna, BC for the summer. We loved it so much we went back for a second summer the following year.

31. Go to a music festival.

32. Have a picnic.

33. Get fun outfits and hit up Calgary Stampede. Calgary Stampede 34. Go to an amusement park.

35. Write your names in the sand at your favorite beach.

36. Catch fireflies.

37. Have a Nerf gun fight.

38. Laugh until you cry. Girls from the Wedding Party 39. Face your fears together.

40. Plan to get in shape or join a boot camp together.

41. Plan your weddings together. I was so thankful that one of my best friends got married a month after me, so we could bounce ideas off one another. Not to mention we had so much fun planning together!

42. Stand in as maid of honour for your best friends wedding. Best Friends Wedding 43. Plan to have kids at the same time. Even if things don’t always go as planned.

44. Plan each other’s baby showers. See my post about the story book baby shower I planned for one of my best friends here.

45. Have your kids be best friends too!

46. Let go of a floating lantern.

47. Go water zorbing. Don’t know what it is? Google it because it looks AWESOME!

48. Throw a dart at a map and plan a trip there together. Best friends looking at a map 49. Go cliff jumping. Again, be careful with this one. Check out what happened when I went cliff jumping in Hawaii here.

50. Grow old together.

This is just a start but there are so many things you could do with your best friends. Make a list and every time you see each other, try to check one thing off of your bucket list. Before you know it you’ll have so many amazing memories to look back on.

What are some other ideas for items to go on your best friends bucket list? I’d love to hear them! Comment below!

best friends bucket list


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