Bangkok recap. Bright lights and late nights

Khao San road, you got me good. Sangsom buckets, bright lights, loud music and the best pad thai from a street cart that you could ever imagine. All of these things which have left me nursing myself back to health on pepto bismal tablets to soothe my indigestion. Was it worth it? Worth every ache and pain.

The lights of Khao San Road, Bangkok

After 21 hours of flight time, almost losing my phone on a plane in Minneapolis and getting motion sickness on the airplane from Tokyo to Bangkok, I was ready for a cold shower and a warm bed. We got into Bangkok around midnight and headed straight to our hotel near Khao San road called the Rambuttri Village Hotel. It was a little bit off the beaten path of Khao San which gave us some reprieve from the craziness of Bangkok. If you’re looking for something that’s fairly cheap, but clean with a nice pool, I would recommend staying there. After a solid night of rest we were still a little jet lagged and spent most of the day poolside. Our first two days In Bangkok involved 4 hour naps in the afternoon/evening which aided our long nights exploring the craziness of Khao San.

Thai Iced Tea's on Khao San Road, Bangkok

On day two, we took a tuk tuk to explore some of the nearby temples and sights. I wish we could have seen a bit more but unfortunately the heat was a little bit oppressive and made riding around in a tuk tuk much less enjoyable. Despite the heat, it was fun and gave us a chance to see another side of Bangkok for a measly 10 baht. We also partook in some foot massages and fish spa time which was exactly the R&R we needed after a long couple days of travel.

The Temples of Bangkok

Big Buddha, Bangkok

That night, a few friends of ours made there way from Phuket to Bangkok. We spent the night indulging on food, more buckets and a little of Bangkok’s finest entertainment. There are some things you just have to do when you come to Bangkok, and if you’ve been to Bangkok I’m sure you can guess what that is. Would I do it again? Probably not. Worth doing for first timers? Absolutely.

The best food in Bangkok, ThailandPad Thai on the streets of Bangkok

Day three involved more food, and buckets and our first Thai massage. If you’ve ever had a Thai massage, you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s not your traditional massage. It involves stretching, bending and being placed into positions you didn’t know were possible. Three of us really enjoyed the experience while Devan’s neck is still hurting today.

Sangsom buckets on Khao San Road

Our time in Bangkok was brief, but worth every penny. We may not have seen everything there is to see in Bangkok but I know I’ll be back one day. It’s one of those cities that you could explore forever and not run out of things to do. But now, we’re looking forward to a little more of a laid back experience in the north of Thailand. On to Chiang Mai!

Traveling by van in Thailand

I hope to post more detailed recaps of some of the things we have explored during this trip when I get home, but for now I want to enjoy as much as possible and be in the moment of being in such a truly amazing and beautiful country. After all you only get one chance at your first time in Southeast Asia.

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