Why I decided to write, and why should you care?

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I’m sure this is a question that every successful blogger has asked themselves at some point in their career… why would anyone care what I have to say? will anyone even read my posts? This is something I’ve been asking myself for almost a year now. Over the past year, I’ve been following many blogs on food, travel, adventure, fashion, beauty, love, life, and often wondered – could I do something like that? could I create meaningful content that would inspire those around me? The truth is I have talked myself out of starting a blog for sometime now because of the fear of what others will think. Will I be criticized? Will people wonder why I think what I have to say deserves to be read?

Stoping to smell the flowers in Hawaii

Well I’m done wondering, and it’s time to find out. I think everyone has a story or something meaningful that will inspire others, just like all of those blogs that I have read have inspired me in some way, shape or form. I wanted a creative outlet where I could share my experiences, stories and open up a level of communication that would allow me to interact with other self-motivated individuals in a unique way. Writing is a form of self-reflection, an opportunity to explore how you feel about certain situations and discover your inner-self. I find myself stumbling across countless blog posts that make me laugh, tear or feel inspired to do something out of my comfort zone. If I can provide that for just one person, then I have been successful. If not, well then at least I gave it a shot.

Exploring the unknown in Rome

So what will I write about you ask? Anything and everything. Travel, adventure, every day life and finding ways to get out of my comfort zone. Now I am by no means an expert in these areas, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some good stories! I hope that I can inspire the uninspired and motivate the unmotivated.

Exploring the waters in Dubrovnik

So with that, you can either read my posts and hopefully you will find what you’re looking for, or don’t read them and go along with your day. So many of us are just trying to find our way in this beautiful life and do something that could really matter. Well, this is my way.


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